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Conductive Liquid Sensing Devices

Conductive Liquid Sensing Devices


The TraceTek Flat Probe (TT-FLAT-PROBE) is a special purpose probe designed to detect water leaks in specific locations. It is intended to be floor or tray mounted, using either screw or adhesive attachment. The Flat Probe can detect water leaks in low spots, drip trays or sumps, where TraceTek sensing cables are inappropriate.



The TT-MINI-PROBE is a special purpose probe designed to detect electrically conductive fluid leaks in space limited locations. Installations of the TT-MINI-PROBE at specially constructed low points in double contained pipe take advantage of the compact size and chemically resistant features of the device.


TT1000 Sensing Cable

TraceTek TT1000 sensing cables detect the presence of water at any point along their length. Installed with a TraceTek alarm and locating module, the cable senses water intrusion, triggers an alarm, and pinpoints the location over a wide range of areas.

TT1100-OHP Sensing Cable

TT1100-OHP is supplied with an absorptive synthetic fiber braid designed to wick water along the cable even when the water leak is dripping from a single small pin hole or crack. The fiber is selected to be rapid drying so that once the leak is located and repaired, the cable will quickly dry and be ready for re-use, in many cases as soon as the pipe repairs are completed.

TT1100-OHP-THIN Sensing Cable

TT1100-OHP-THIN sensor cable is designed for use on insulated pipes that require a very small cable diameter. TT1100-OHP-THIN is made with a porous fluoropolymer outer fiber braid surrounding the base TT1100sensor cable. The fluoropolymer fiber over braid produces an easy-to-install cable that provides superior flexibility (bend radius). The mechanically strong fluoropolymer outer braid also stands up to the compression forces associated with the use of sheet metal lagging surrounding the pipe insulation.

TT1100-OHP-THIN Downloads

TT3000 Sensing Cable

TraceTek TT3000 sensing cable detects the presence of conductive liquids at any point along its length. Most acids and bases and even deionized water can be sensed and located. Installed with Tracetek alarm and locating module, the cable senses the presence of fluid, triggers an alarm, and pinpoints the location.

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