• Over 20 years of providing proven solutions for liquid leak detection, gas leak detection, and heat trace applications.

  • Engineering and design support.

  • Turn-key systems.

  • Liquid leak and gas detection panels / accessories.

  • Industrial and commercial systems.

  • Indoor and outdoor fuel storage and transfer leak detection.

  • Customized brackets and system accessories.

  • HWAT and heat trace design, sales, and service.

  • Project management available.

  • System audits and calibration services.


Raychem TraceTek

TraceTek is the name in liquid leak detection for over 25 years now. Originally developed by Raychem, the construction of TraceTek is unparalleled. When your leak detection system has to work everytime, choose TraceTek. Kingsmen is a Master Distributer for nVent’s TraceTek Leak Detection soultions covering Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Western PA, North & South Carolina, and Florida.

Gas Detection

Kingsmen works with the industry leaders in gas detection, allowing us to meet the needs of our customers. We can provide system design, consultation, service, and sales for both toxic and combustible gases that can cause loss of life and facility damage.

Heat Tracing

Kingsmen provides a full line of cables, controllers, and accessories for HWAT and heat trace systems. Whether it’s for freeze protection, grease waste line, or hot water maintenance, we can help with consultation, design, and sales to help you find the best heat trace solution for you application.


The CS-60 heat activated shrink wrap provides unmatched joint protection for pipelines operating up to 60 °C. The flexible radiation crosslinked polyethylene backing, coupled with a unique built-in hot melt adhesive provides premium structural and operation integrity. CS-60 is a stretchable, hand-wrapped, heat-shrinkable sleeve specifically designed for corrosion protection on all pipes operating under 140 °F Once the pipe is buried, there can be no question that it is protected from the elements.


  • Liquid Leak Detection
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Specialty Piping Products
  • Heat Tracing

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About Kingsmen

KingsMen, LLC. is a distribution/manufacturer’s rep organization that specializes in delivering solutions that work. We even offer turn-key services for the products we promote.