• Over 20 years of providing proven solutions for liquid leak detection, gas leak detection, and heat trace applications.

  • Engineering and design support.

  • Turn-key systems.

  • Liquid leak and gas detection panels / accessories.

  • Industrial and commercial systems.

  • Indoor and outdoor fuel storage and transfer leak detection.

  • Customized brackets and system accessories.

  • HWAT and heat trace design, sales, and service.

  • Project management available.

  • System audits and calibration services.

Acid Sensing Devices

Acid Sensing Devices

TT7000-HUV Sensing Cable

TraceTek TT7000-HUV sensor cable detects leaks and spills of sulfuric and nitric acid at any point along the cable length. When used in conjunction with TraceTek monitoring instruments, the cable senses the presence of acid, triggers an alarm and pinpoints the location of the acid contact. TT7000-HUV two acid sensitive electrodes jacketed with a protective coating providing resistance to water.

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